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UITP 2023

May 25, 2023 4:00:00 PM / by Mattei Rail

Mattei returns to UITP  
From 5-7th June at UITP 2023 in Barcelona

Sustainable mobility: the perfect sector for Mattei's compact, silent and lightweight compressors

Mattei will be at this year’s UITP Global Public Transport Summit from 5-7 June in Barcelona; one of the leading rail & road trade fairs and a key meeting point for professionals in the sector to share ideas, innovate and create meaningful relationships.


Mattei will be present among the worlds top players in this market sector, exhibiting compressors from their RVR series of on-board systems, the ideal solution for compressed air supply in rail vehicular applications: be it from small trams to large Class 1 locomotives, with everything in between Mattei has a solution for you!
The RVR01 and RVR 03 compressors, utilised on trams, metros, and light rail vehicles together with  regional vehicles, will both be on display. The Compressors, which feature rotary vane technology, are characterised by their lightweight nature, compact design, low rotational speed and near silent operation, providing reduced energy consumption, and a lower cost of ownership. Thanks to direct coupling, they are safer, more reliable, and last longer than compressors of the same/equivalent power ratings utilising alternative technologies, namely; screw and piston technology.

The RVR series, was specifically developed for the Rail sector, as they are very flexible and can be supplied in complete configurations that include the compressed air generation and treatment unit (AGTU) with compressor Air Endunit, motor, dryer systems, oil separation, inlet filtration andthe optional inverter and control devices; or for retrofitting into existing space envelopes by integrating just the compressor Air End and motor  (ASU).



Sustainable mobility being one of the areas where Mattei compressors find excellent application. Among the onboard solutions, designed for electric and hybrid buses together with other on road vehicles, the XT-65 compressor  will also be exhibited. Its low weight (20-35 kg), compact dimensions and virtually -silent operationallows for great flexibility of applications, even in very small spaces. A major advantage of this model is the modularity (de-integration) of components, which allows for a high degree of customisation upto 7 metres away, providing significant flexibility of installation opposed to a restricted integrated design from traditional on board compressors. .
Visitors to the Mattei stand at UITP will also be able to see a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)Unit, a fully integrated, customised air generation and treatment unit (AGTU) designed to supply clean, dry compressed air to vehicle on-board system and components which rely upon clean air for their reliable operation. Supporting applications such as braking suspension, pantographs, pneumatic door systems, to name but a few of the endless possibilities.

Whether it is a single compressor or a complete AGTU system, Mattei can guarantee quality air supply suitable for any rolling stock application, meeting the air quality standards BS ISO 4975:2022; the ISO standard dedicated to railway applications: Braking System - Compressed air quality for pneumatic equipment and systems.


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