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IRIS Certified

Feb 20, 2020 12:14:22 PM / by Mattei Rail

It is with great pleasure, Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. (Italian manufacturers of Rotary Vane compressors for on-board rail applications) were, on the 17th February 2020, awarded the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) ISO/TS 22613 Certificate.

This most prestigious certificate was awarded for the activity of Design, Development and Manufacturing for the scopes of certification 05 (Auxiliary Systems), 20 (Components related to special process work) and the Design, production and service of air and gas compressors.

Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. better known as Mattei, have been producing compressors since 1919, celebrating our 100-year anniversary last year. The awarding of the IRIS certificate, together with our dedicated Rail activity, has presented Mattei with the opportunity to compete for Rail and transit projects on a level playing field with our peers.

This is an exciting new time for Mattei, which we hope will give us the opportunity of working together with new clients, in providing an alternative to the traditional compressor technologies currently available.

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